After the workshop

We sincerely hope that you had at least as much fun at the workshop as we did. We were overwhelmed by the productive atmosphere and the rich interaction between all participants. Thank you all very much for your contribution!

We're now about to bring the results of the workshop to a broad audience. The first step will be to publish the abstracts, the second step to publish a review article.


All abstracts will be published online in the same form as in the conference booklet. If your abstract can be published as is, you don't have to do anything. If you require changes to the abstract, please send us an updated version until September 22 to

Review article

We are preparing a review article under the working title "50 questions about odor space". All participants are warmly encouraged to contribute their odor space question. By doing so, you qualify as co-author. In 300-600 characters, please point out a relevant question you identified at the workshop, including a short explanation and references to relevant existing work. You can also submit several questions. We particularly encourage the focus group chairs to summarize the outcome of their group in such a fashion. 

Send your odor space question(s) to Also here, the deadline for contributions is September 22.

If 600 characters just don't fit what you want to say, please contact us before the deadline. We might be able to arrange for additional articles.


We need your receipts for refund. Depending on what amount has been agreed on before the workshop, please send us your hotel bill and (if applicable) also your flight and train receipts. Invited speakers will get their hotel bill and flight ticket reimbursed. Participants who applied to the workshop will get their hotel bill reimbursed. Some of you also will receive a travel grant, the amount of which has been communicated to you by email before the workshop.

If the total amount you requested is within the limit of what you reported prior to the workshop, you will be reimbursed immediately. If the amount is higher, you'll have to wait a bit longer until we know how much we can reimburse.

Any questions regarding the reimbursement process should be adressed to